Indian Alternative Medical Council ( mumbai )


This Council is Organized by 'Niranjan Educational & Medical Trust.

Rules & Regulation.

1.      Any Indian Citizen can apply for Registration although that Indian citizen may be educated or uneducated but he / she must have experience in the said field.  He/ She can write Doctor / Vaidya in front of his/her name, but don't misguide any person (wrong practice is not allowed). You can advertise about your practice through Boards, pamphlets, newspapers. But you must mention your way of treatment in your Advertisement.

2.      A person applying must submit  his/her residential proof. All Xerox copies must be attested by Gazetted Officer/ Post Master/SEO/Collage Principal/Judge/Magistrate or any genuine authority. The photographs must match with photo identity submitted with us (Passport/Pan card/Driving license/Election card).

3.      The medical attendant (iamc registered person) should avoid to take any serious case and if the situation arises that case (i.e. patient) must be transferred/admitted in hospital immediately.

4.      A person who has applied for registration must be working in his/her field honestly and sincerely
a ) Acupressure therapist cannot prescribe any of Ayurveda/ Homeopathic/ Unani /Allopathic medicine to any patient come for treatment.
b ) Any Kastha Aushadhi practitioner cannot suggest Ayurveda/ Homeopathic/ Unani /Allopathic medicine to any patient come for treatment
c ) The (iamc) Registered individual in any pathy include nurse, compounder are not allowed to suggest any medicine to patient come for treatment. In case any qualified medical registered practitioner (M.B.B.S. or equalant) Doctor suggests in writing on his/her letter pad then that particular medicine allowed to given by Registered individual with totally honestly and sincerity.

5.      The Registered person must adopt, abide and implement the rules and regulations of Indian Alternative Medical Council during his practice.

6.      The (iamc) alternative medicine practitioner means  registered individual cannot sign and issue a death certificate. He/ She can issue only casual certificate and fees receipt.

7.      The Registered individual must renew his/her name after every five years with Indian Alternative Medical Council. The renewal fees will be intimated by post or email or mobile (sms) which will be fixed time to time.

8.      If the (iamc) practitioner conducts any other medical practices in such situation iamc is neither responsible nor liable for the same under any circumstances. The responsibility of any damage or prosecution is of practitioner and not of iamc or trust.


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