Indian Alternative Medical Council ( mumbai )


Rules & Regulation 3 page.

18.      When you are honest sincere and correct in your duties still you face any genuine problem from any Medical Practitioner or Indian Medical Council in your locality, The Indian Alternative Medical Council’s Advocate will extend you help and support but the legal expenditure has to be borne and paid by you.

19.      Every applicant must show and produce his/her original documents to Indian Alternative Medical Council at the time registration.

20.      The applicant must understand we hate bogus doctor hence we warn each registered member not to use any allopathic medicine in self practices. If Iamc practitioner falls sick then he/she may take advice from other pathy practitioners for better and genuine treatment, the doctor’s prescription must be store for future reference.

21.      If the Applicant is unable to submit required papers he/she need to appear for Indian Alternative Medical Councils entrains examinations to adopt registration.

22.      The Indian Alternative Medical Council conducts health camp during which a registered individual can join in. The health camp may be organized by any other person any where in India.

23.      If any registered person wants to conduct a medical camp then he/she must mention the full name of Iamc in his /her communications.

24.      Whenever Iamc individual organize a camp, other pathy doctors all not allowed to enter in camp for advice because we have taken only paramedical subject such as Kastha Aushadhe ( Herbal Medicine ) and many others.

25.      We had seen The Maharashtra Medical Nursing Act XL of 1966, so we can’t provide you any Nursing certificate but on the basis of your hole experience Iamc may issue you  a certificate of ‘D.A.H.C.” (Diploma of Assistant in health Care).

26.      This Iamc (Indian Alternative Medical Council) is totally under on “‘Niranjan Educational & Medical Trust” if there is any change or modification made in rules and regulation we will send you revised copy of same & SMS.



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